Panagia Theotokos Sumela Monastery

Theotokos Sumela Sumela Monastery is an ancient Greek Orthodox monastery and church complex on the hill of the Kara which is located on the western slopes of the creek in the Altındere valley within the boundaries of the Altındere valley.

The monastery built on behalf of the Virgin Mary is said to have received the name ”Sumela ın from the word” melas ”which means” black M. This name is thought to come from the dark Montenegrins where the monastery was founded, but the word Sumela can be connected to the black color of the Virgin Mary here. According to the story; The monastery was founded by two priests named Barnabas and Sophranios from Athens during the time of the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I (375-395) and was repaired by Belisarios, one of its generals, in the 6th century when Emperor Justinianus requested the restoration of the monastery. It is known that the Sumela Monastery continued its existence from the 13th century with its present state. The importance of the monastery was increased in the period of III.Alexios (1349-1390) from the Principality of Trabzon Komnenosları which was established in 1204 and income was obtained with edicts. III.Alexios’un son III.Manuel and later in the period of princes Sumela was enriched with new edicts.

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